Excess Inventory Leads To…Mobile Storage?


It’s not exactly news that package movers and warehouses across the country continue to be overburdened. In fact, it would probably be far more surprising under current economic pressures if they weren’t. Recently, the combination of holiday inventory gluts, massive numbers of packages to handle through reverse logistics and retailers buying up Chinese stock ahead [...]

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3 Ways Warehouse Automation Is Good Business


Warehouse automation is an important secret of most major warehouses across the globe. The truth is that there’s plenty of space in warehousing and distribution for both humans and automation tools. In fact, the combination of the two can produce glorious logistics efficiency. Despite the fear-mongering that robots are going to replace all human workers [...]

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3 Reasons Why The Demand For Warehouse Space Continues To Grow


Demand for warehousing space is still growing with nothing standing in the way of the expansion of this particular type of industrial real estate. According to the first quarter 2018 reporting from Cushman & Wakefield, “US industrial markets absorbed 56. 9 million square feet in the first quarter of 2018, making it the fourth strongest [...]

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3 Ways A 3PL Warehousing Company Can Help You Right Now


Chances are your eCommerce business is doing great…and that’s always good news! Perhaps orders are flying out the door, but you’re running out of space to keep inventory. Buying a warehouse all your own can be a costly venture, not to mention all the people you have to hire to maintain that warehouse and security [...]

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How To Choose The Best Warehouse Space For Your eCommerce


Inevitably, as your eCommerce venture expands, you’re going to need to find a warehouse space to store all of those goods you’re pushing out to the waiting public. A good warehouse space is one thing, but the best warehouse space, the one that really gets things moving along for you, is truly going to be [...]

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Logistics, Warehouses and Your eCommerce


Logistics is moving increasingly toward a completely digital, connected and agile supply chain designed with an eCommerce-first model in mind. This means more money, time and attention will be devoted to both moving packages out of the distribution warehouse faster and making last mile delivery more efficient. Small package volumes rose three percent in early [...]

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Warehousing Best Practices Powered By eCommerce


Warehousing has come a long way from paper and pencil inventory counts that took weeks or months to rectify. Today’s distribution warehouse is a tech-powered machine that’s constantly working to move orders faster. Demand for eCommerce fulfillment is increasing dramatically, the public spoke last year on Black Friday by spending more than five billion dollars [...]

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Fulfillment Service Spotlight: Inventory Storage


Although it’s one of the least exciting things that a 3rd party fulfillment company does, inventory storage remains one of the most important. How and where your inventory is stored can make a huge difference between products that arrive in perfect shape and those that are worse for wear upon arrival. It might seem like [...]

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What are the Advantages of a Temperature-Controlled Warehouse?


Not every eCommerce retailer deals in non-perishable goods, even though many 3rd party logistics companies (3PL) run their companies like that’s all there is out there. Fragile products such as cosmetics and nutraceuticals, for example, can’t be stored outdoors or in a non-insulated warehouse where temperatures can fluctuate wildly. For these more delicate items, a [...]

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